Who We Are

Kat Kourbeti

Kat is a writer, film critic and (sometimes) YouTube creator who, despite what her accent might suggest, is not from North America.

She studied Creative Writing at Brunel University, and is an assistant organiser of Spectrum, the London Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group.

She has lived in London for the last decade where she has been working various theatre and film-related jobs. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram as @darthjuno.

Headshot of Julian Gyll-Murray

Julian Gyll-Murray

Julian is the winner of the 2018 Deviant Minds Prize and, writing as JG Murray, the author of the psychological thriller The Bridal Party.

He studied Creative Writing at Warwick University and has lived in Brussels, Bangkok and London. He has won numerous prizes for his short fiction and published stories in a number of publications. Most recently, Julian contributed to the 24 Stories Anthology, a book raising money for the victims of Grenfell featuring authors such as Irvine Welsh, Chris Brookmyre and AL Kennedy.

You can also find him on Twitter.